We invite you to make a gift to support the institutional priority of sustaining and building a vigorous program of financial aid.

Each year Sewanee invests more than 33 million dollars of institutional resources, through academic scholarships, need-based grants, tuition remissions, and institutional employment opportunities in our undergraduate students. In 2020-2021, 88 percent of our new students are receiving institutional funding through scholarships, need-based grants, tuition exchange, or tuition remission. On average this group will receive $24,690, in strictly gift funding from just Sewanee, to assist with their educational expenses. 

For many years, the School of Theology has made a commitment to support its students in such a way that they graduate, prepared for ministry and the priesthood with as little education-related debt as possible. Sewanee has worked hard to keep a commitment to the Episcopal Church to continue to produce superbly prepared priests and also theological graduates who serve the church in other ways besides ordained priesthood. 

While the University has a substantial scholarship endowment to support both college students and seminarians, only about one-fourth of the annual financial aid budget is covered by gifts from donors, endowment earnings, loans, and government grants. The balance comes from tuition revenue. 

Gifts of annual scholarships and endowment are, thus, the most important contribution a donor can make to Sewanee. Your gifts ensure that today’s students will have access to a Sewanee education, and that a Sewanee education remains an experience that makes a positive, tangible difference in the lives of its students and graduates. 

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