The Cornerstone Program lets you make a direct connection between your gift and the impact it makes on an individual student.

When you fund a Cornerstone Scholarship at $5,000 per year, we make it possible for you to have interactions with the student you are supporting through the Fairbanks Luncheon and personal correspondence. When you make a four-year commitment, you can follow your student for four years, seeing how they embrace the opportunities and transformative experiences a place like Sewanee can provide. If you prefer to make a gift to benefit the School of Theology, the commitment is three years, to match the matriculation term of a seminarian. If you can only make a commitment for one year, you will still learn about a particular student, though you will not enjoy learning their full Sewanee story. When you make a four-year commitment of $40,000 ($10,000 per fiscal year) you will be able to add preferences such as regional origin or academic interests. 

The Cornerstone program also offers opportunities for you to fund a Cornerstone Internship, helping Sewanee keep the Sewanee Pledge.

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Couple's Cornerstone Inspired by Empathy and Desire to Be a Positive Force - 10/14/2019 - Bess Caughren Allen and Lee Allen (both C’05) give a student a career push with Cornerstone Internship