Internships and research assistantships are invaluable opportunities for students, to gain experience and to orient them to their post-college lives. We welcome your gifts to keep our program strong and responsive to student needs.

Funding for the Sewanee Internship program began with the Tonya Fund for Public Affairs in 1981, and funding is now available from 48 endowed funds and support from individual annual donors and foundation grants. We also now have the Cornerstone Program, which gives donors the opportunity to support a student by name, with scholarship or internship funding. Over $600,000 in stipends is awarded for students to complete unpaid and under-funded internships and research opportunities every summer. In addition to the inaugural fund in public affairs, donors have established internship funds in the arts, business and economics, conservation, environmental studies, medicine, ministry and service, mathematics and the sciences, and international studies. Students gain practical experience in non-profit and for-profit businesses, in the field and in laboratories, in churches and museums, and at law firms and medical clinics. You're invited to support this priority. For more details on Sewanee’s internship and research assistantship program, click here.   


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Giving Back to Tonya - 12/12/2019 - Cissy Zhang, C’11 Supports Internships