Your gifts to support pre-professional programs in business, law, health, civic engagement, and public interest technology will help Sewanee establish preeminence.

Sewanee has developed distinctive pre-professional programs that are fully integrated into the liberal arts character of the College. Pre-law, business, and pre-health are mainstays at many colleges, and Sewanee is no exception. We are working hard to build our capacity in these areas through new financial resources and we invite you to contribute to this priority. 

In addition to those traditional areas, Sewanee has also invested heavily (and is still seeking investment) in emerging areas, including an integrated civic engagement program that fosters leadership in changing the world for the better. Connected with civic engagement, Sewanee is also a member of a startup consortium (the Public Interest Technology University Network) that is building the emerging field of public interest technology. Sewanee is only one of two liberal arts colleges in the network, and we are working hard, in partnership with other institutions to build this field and orient our students toward this exciting