The generosity of our donors helps us deliver a Sewanee experience that will continue to develop students of capacity, character, and consequence for generations to come.

Board of Regents Chair Jim Folds, C'86, Shapes Sewanee's Future with Strategic Giving

"One motivation for my service to Sewanee is the fact that we have so much potential as a university and as a place."

The Rev. Gedge Gayle, Jr., T'63, T'76, Shapes the School of Theology's Future as Fideles Society Member

"I have great affection for Sewanee's campus and for the progress that the School of Theology continues to make."

Amber Singleton Camiul, C'11, Forges Connections with Gifts to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

"Whatever I can give, I give. And as I can give more, I give more."

Joanne Boyd, C'77, Strengthens Sewanee Women's Athletics with Gift of IRA Assets

"The more I learn about Sewanee, the more interested I am in giving money to the things I believe need support."

Janet and David Wrather, P'21, Support Sewanee 'In Perpetuity'

"Sewanee is a beautiful place, and I really feel I want it to succeed in perpetuity."

Holland, C’75, and Debbie West Broaden Students’ Horizons with Study Away and Ralston Listening Library Gifts

“We saw a gap that needed to be filled, and it was an area where we thought we could actually make a difference in students’ life and educational experiences.”

Marty and Kristin Middendorf, P’25, Extend Family’s Legacy By Supporting Fowler Center Enhancement

“If something is meaningful to you or meaningful to your family—whether it’s an athletic or an arts or an academic program—that’s something worth your support.”

Stephanie Ferreira, P’25, P’26, Gives to Support Her Children’s Growth

“My children love the place and the space, so I told myself, ‘Whatever we have, we need to plant it here.”

The Rev. Kat Chappell, T’23, Invests in the Church With Recurring Sewanee Gift

“There’s no price tag that I could put on my education and Sewanee experience, but I can show my gratitude by giving a small amount monthly.”

Dr. Dick Briggs, Jr., C’56, Creates $1M Scholarship Fund Through Direct IRA Contributions

“I would encourage everyone who has an IRA, and wants to engage in charitable giving, to consider using it.”

Alumni Couple Bess and Lee Allen Support Sewanee with Time and Treasure

“I feel like Sewanee made us more philanthropic-minded. Sewanee creates an environment that encourages you to think outside yourself.”


“It’s easier to have a discipline of giving a little bit every month.”

Don Olmstead, C'81, Makes Sewanee a Priority with Planned Gift

"Sewanee was a natural choice because of our connections and because of everything the University has done for us."

Dessie Moxley, GP’24, Fills a Need with Fowler Center Fueling Station

“Give until it feels good, and I can say that it does feel good to know that you've helped. And it feels especially good at Sewanee because of the appreciation of so many of the people who are positively impacted by Sewanee’s excellent stewardship of their gifts.”

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