The Center for Leadership is for Sewanee faculty and staff. Its mission is 1) to elevate the leader within through professional and personal development programs, and 2) to promote communication and collaboration among colleagues to build strength and trust.

Sewanee Colleagues

One of the best parts of working at Sewanee is getting to work alongside devoted and gifted colleagues. In order for us to stay connected while many of us work remotely, the Center for Leadership is providing venues for improved internal communication to promote unity, collaboration, and trust. A bird's nest is a metaphor for us as colleagues (faculty, staff, administrators). We are the ones who work to build a strong nest together in order to support our students as they grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally so that they can someday successfully launch from it. We need to continue to strengthen ourselves as a team so that Sewanee will be a strong, safe, and welcoming place for our students when they return. 

Sewanee Colleagues

See featured posts from current Sewanee employees on the "Sewanee Colleagues" Facebook group, even if you are not on Facebook. Lots of good things are being posted!

PRaising Up Colleagues

Give Public Recognition ("PR") to a Sewanee colleague who works either behind the scenes or in the spotlight by filling out this PRaising Up Colleagues form. Let's shine the spotlight on the many people who make a difference at Sewanee! These praises will be posted on the Sewanee Colleagues Facebook group AND this Center for Leadership webpage.

Virtual Coffee Breaks

Join colleagues on Zoom for informal conversation every Wednesday at 3:00-3:30 p.m.  and Thursday at 10:00-10:30 a.m.

Checking In With...Sewanee Colleagues

Learn more about the work, lives, and motivations of our colleagues through these interviews.

Upcoming events: All- Colleague Gatherings

 “REFLEcting on Sewanee Culture, together”
  • Tuesday, June 2 @ 10–11:30 a.m. CST
  • For the University community/all employees: staff, faculty, administrators
  • Please RSVP here  (the Zoom link is in it)

 In light of what is unfolding in our nation right now, this is now a two-part gathering: the first one will be Tuesday as scheduled from 10:00-11:30 a.m, and the second one will be scheduled within the next 1-2 weeks. In the first of these two gatherings, you are invited to join colleagues to explore Sewanee culture, specifically identifying what makes us successful as we navigate complex moments like these. In the second gathering, we will shift our attention to moving Sewanee culture into virtual/online settings.

We warmly welcome ALL University employees- staff, faculty, administrators- to join us tomorrow. The purpose of this gathering is to:

  • Identify the unique attributes of Sewanee's culture and consider how these attributes may help us navigate the complexities of the current moment
  • Find new ways to work positively and productively with present uncertainties, including meetings and classes
  • Connect as a community so we can be strong and responsive together 

Professional & Personal Development

Personal Growth Tools 

Free online assessments to learn more about yourself and your abilities (CliftonStrengths, Conflict Styles, Personal Values Inventory, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, Interest Profiler, etc.)

Professional Growth Opportunities
"How to Foster Flexible Leadership in Times of Instability" (webinar)

In today’s ever-evolving business world, the complexity and pace of change can be daunting. Flexible leadership – especially during times of crisis and instability – is critical for the success and longevity of your organization. How flexible and adaptable are your leaders? Are they equipped to effectively guide team members through change and transition, even in highly uncertain times? 

In this webinar you’ll learn:

* How change and transition differ, and why the distinction is important to understand.

* The 3 stages of transition, and ways to effectively guide team members to “the new beginning.”

* The advantages of adaptability and flexibility in a leadership role, and how they contribute to meeting business objectives.

* The 4 fundamental skills flexible leaders must develop regardless of role, industry, or location.

"Building Resilience and Leadership in the Context of Crisis & Telework" (WEBINAR)

In the face of dramatically changing circumstances, stress is a growing problem leading to increased accidents, absenteeism, turnover, lower quality of work, and ultimately revenue loss. Specific contexts (such as telework) and crises (such as the current COVID-19 pandemic) can exacerbate or contribute additional unique stressors above and beyond those already present in an individual’s daily work life. Low levels of resilience take a toll on leaders’ health, mood, cognitive capacity, and productivity. This webinar will dive into the importance of resilience and leadership and explore practical ways to enhance both personal and team effectiveness. 

In this webinar you’ll learn:

* The 4 areas of resilience: physical, mental, emotional, and social.

* How to enhance personal resilience and leadership with proven practices including exercise, sleep, mindfulness, reappraisal, positivity, gratitude, connections, and contact.

* Specific ways you and your team can apply resiliency practices in a telework/crisis context.

"50 Free Professional Development Resources" (WEBINARs, Online Courses )

Here are 50 of the best (and free) professional development resources for employees (from Entrepreneur magazine):

Free online courses are available in the following areas:

* Career Development

* Communications Development 

* Technology Skills Development

* Leadership Development

* Analytical Skills Development

"The Heart of Higher Education 2020: Navigating The Changing Currents, A Virtual Event" (Virtual Event)
  •  June 9, 2020- 10:00 a.m.- 1:30 p.m. CST 
  • Basic registration: $125 Registration closes midnight June 5- Registration Link

“If higher education is to keep evolving toward its full potential, it needs people who are so devoted to the educational enterprise that they have a lover’s quarrel with the institution whenever they see it fall short of its potential – and are willing to translate that quarrel into positive action.”

-Parker J. Palmer, in The Heart of Higher Education: A Call to Renewal Transforming the Academy through Collegial Conversations.

Are you seasick with change? Do you feel worn out with accommodating so many transitions and the need for innovation in the wake of COVID-19, as well as the fast-moving landscape of life and work? This event will offer collegial conversations, heartfelt reflection and authentic reconnection to an inner compass. Drawing on the work of Parker J. Palmer and the Center for Courage & Renewal, Circle of Trust® facilitators will offer a unique experience with reflection and interpersonal engagement. You will be invited to sit with others, in silence, in small groups and in the larger community. This work can help us find a safe channel in the midst of upheaval and swiftly moving currents. Our purpose will be to offer a conversation and encouragement for restoring our souls in our roles in higher education.

For the foundational session, Parker Palmer joins us virtually, offering the foundation for how we will engage individually and collectively. After our time together on Tuesday morning, June 9 you will have the option of participating in a small group experience Tuesday afternoon OR Wednesday morning.

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