A new process to support positive change ideas of Sewanee colleagues.


The Center for Leadership works with colleagues (faculty and staff) across campus to bring culture-shifting ideas to life. These ideas have been everything from helping drive change in the overall structure of staff meetings to leading a successful initiative in shifting faculty and staff members to call each other “colleagues.” These projects and others have been products of chance conversations that have led to the change, rather than a formalized process that any colleague can access and initiate. There has also not been a central location for individuals to review positive change projects in progress or see what is completed. 


To address this, the Center for Leadership has designed a new four-step process to support and elevate new and innovative ideas that will create positive change at Sewanee. While this is not a funding source, this is a process that supports and advocates for ideas to come to fruition. This new system will allow Sewanee to have a process that helps colleagues refine their ideas, create an actionable plan that works within the University, and engage resources to enable the project to flourish.


  1. Apply: Fill out this Idea Incubator Project Step #1: Project Application form . These simple questions will allow you to think through your project idea and prepare you for the next step.

  2. Plan: Meet with a “Project Guide,” a fellow colleague connected with the Center for Leadership who will help you develop your idea and determine your next steps.

  3. Act: Work directly with the Center for Leadership to connect you to people, funding, and other resources to elevate your idea. All project information and communications will be stored through Google Groups assigned to the project.

  4. Evaluate: Complete a post-project evaluation once the idea has launched. The Center will use this evaluation to measure the impact on Sewanee.

Past Projects

Redesign of the Open Staff Meeting

Sewanee Colleagues Facebook Group

PRaising Up Colleagues

Language Shift: Using "colleagues" instead of "faculty and staff" whenever possible (to promote unity)