The Sewanee Center for Leadership was established to advance leaders and leadership in order to fulfill the University's mission, foster continual University improvement, and achieve the values of EQB. The center provides an institutional structure for our community's leadership development. It facilitates creative problem-solving, collaboration across groups, and our ability to harvest collective knowledge—and spur the action needed—to move Sewanee into the future.

The center offers a comprehensive array of action-based leadership development programs and opportunities. The primary programming components include:

  • Sewanee Leadership Lab—A nine-month course that combines the best practices of adult education with dynamic instruction rooted in research-based leadership theories and practices
  • Workshops & Programs—Workshops enable all members of the community (students and employees) the opportunity to develop their leadership potential 
  • Toolbox—A comprehensive leadership development suite of resources that is accessible by all community members
  • Collaborative Spaces—Specially designed collaborative workspaces located in the University library, the University’s learning commons (duPont Library, Room 217)