Shared Foundation

Sewanee students commit themselves to living with honor, which the Honor Code recognizes as “an ideal and an obligation . . . [that] exists in the human spirit and it lives in the relations between human beings.” Our unique intellectual experience depends upon immersive engagement and intellectual relationships, as promoted by our advising system. And we are committed to a vibrant and relevant educational experience as presented in the College Catalog.

The Pledge

Students entering in Advent 2018 or later can take advantage of the Sewanee Pledge, with its opportunity to participate in study away, or to engage in a research fellowship, or to have a paid internship.

The Curriculum

Our academic curriculum—the required 128 credit hours—promotes common learning outcomes (our general education curriculum) and in-depth intellectual engagement (the major), with opportunities for focused preparation in various disciplines. Electives offer exploration and further discovery.

Request a Syllabus

Current and former students may request syllabi via the Google form specifically for this purpose.