A diverse and evolving collection of collaborations between Sewanee and Yale combines the unique strengths of these two institutions, offering exceptional opportunities for students, faculty, and community partners.


Summer Internships

This summer internship offers Sewanee undergraduates an eight-week mentored research experience under the auspices of the Yale Child Study Center at the Yale School of Medicine. Based on their interests and goals, students are matched with faculty research mentors in labs affiliated with the Yale Child Study Center, Yale's Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry, and more!

Summer + Semester Directed Research

An opportunity to spend a summer and the following semester at Yale pursuing one or more research projects, participating in weekly research meetings, and taking courses offered by the Child Study Center. Students are mentored by both Sewanee and Yale faculty, who assist the student in developing a plan of study and research.

Mentors & Projects

Learn more about the Yale mentors and research projects that students have engaged with.


Collaborative research

Sewanee students participating in summer internships and the semester + summer directed research program at Yale have co-authored research articles published in peer-reviewed journals.


Madison Reid describes her summer + semester experience at Yale

My name is Madison Reid, and I am a junior Neuroscience and Psychology double major. I fell in love with the brain sciences after taking introductory neuroscience and psychology courses my freshman year at Sewanee.

Madison Reid and Mehrael Ibrahim Participate in Sewanee-At-Yale Summer + Semester Program

Research with Yale faculty mentors, shadowing, and courses in Psychology and Neuroscience combined for a meaningful and memorable summer and semester in New Haven for these two Sewanee students. 

Anna Püsök Begins Semester + Summer Research Experience at Yale Child Study Center

Congratulations to Anna Püsök on her May 2021 acceptance to the Sewanee-At-Yale Directed Research Program, and on the actual start of her pandemic-delayed time at Yale in January 2022!

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