Faculty Flash Presentation Showcase 2021

Join us for the 3rd annual Faculty Flash Presentation Showcase! Our faculty will give four minute presentations on their current research.

Discussion on COMPS

Have you ever wondered how other departments and programs structure their comprehensive assessments?   Is your department poised to consider changes to your comps process?  Come join the discussion to exchange some ideas. 


Before Reuben Brigety took on the role of Vice-Chancellor, he was a professor engaging with students in and out of the classroom.

WEBINAR with MAYS IMAD - Leveraging the Neuroscience of Now: Toward Healing & Recovery

A webinar with Mays Imad on trauma-informed teaching and learning will focus on the critical opportunities that tragic suffering and loss present to educators. 


Dr. Cia Verschelden, author of Bandwidth Recovery: Helping Students Reclaim Cognitive Resources Lost to Poverty, Racism, and Social Marginalization, will talk about strategies and interventions that help students regain cognitive resources to learn and thrive. 


Since burnout is such a significant concern for so many of us, we thought about hosting a CfT session on the topic, but then we realized that loading on another Zoom meeting might not be the best way of dealing with an overload.  Instead, we present: the CfT un-sessions!

Student Perspectives Survey Results

What is it like to be a student these days?  What is getting in their way as learners?  What is helpful?  What do they wish we knew?  We’re surveying a sample of students to find out.

Sewanee’s Variations on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

At Sewanee, we have people engaging in such inquiry in a wide variety of ways.  In this session (with the help of a few special guests) we aim to acknowledge what is being done and encourage more engagement.

Executing Plan B: What to do when classroom plans get derailed

We hope you have never had a classroom projector fail to shine, a Google doc that wouldn’t share, a Brightspace feature that could not be coaxed into the light.   But you probably can imagine a tech-related crisis during class and the panic that comes with it!  Adam Hawkins will lead this session on “what to do!”  Come for the war stories and the creative fixes!


Office hours can be a means of building community in your classes as well as achieving your course goals. Join us to share what has or hasn’t worked and to explore other options.

DISCUSSION SESSION - Online Discussions and Breakout Groups

Maybe you’re trying to make your online discussions more engaging or your breakout groups more effective?  Key to these online class logistics is planning!  Join us to share what has or hasn’t worked and to explore other options.

DISCUSSION SESSION - Assessment and Grading

Thinking about how you might adjust your assessment of student work this spring?  Want to float some ideas?  We are making a virtual space for that, and we’ve invited a few ringers to participate too.

Make a Final Exam Support Appointment

Thinking about remote final exams? Make an appointment with your faculty technology coordinator today! We're here with you to help brainstorm, design, and deploy the final assessments in your courses.

FACULTY PANEL - Online Exams

Final exams are hard enough, and this term, they are online.  How does one orchestrate this when the exam includes identifications? Translations? Equations?

FACULTY PANEL - Tweaking Simulcast Classrooms

Amy Patterson, Sean O'Rourke, and Emily Puckette will share their experiences using student assistants, virtual whiteboards, and other techniques.

Lunch Session (October 20)

We’ll open with a discussion of Betsy's report on the experience of our remote students this fall and considerations for the spring.

Faculty Panel - The Modified Tutorial Model

Faculty who are currently implementing different variations on the tutorial model will share what they have learned in the process.

BURNOUT: How to Identify and Address It

Join Drs. Ashley Liston-Avnaim and Nicole Noffsinger-Frazier, to learn more about the clinical symptoms of burnout for the first half of this session, then break into groups with colleagues to discuss ways to address it.

FACULTY PANEL - Teaching in this Political Climate

While we may be isolated by COVID and focused on our academic work, the political climate is nearly impossible to ignore. 

FACULTY PANEL - The Pros and Cons of Various Teaching Modes

How do you plan to teach your classes next semester?  Maybe you’re interested in a tutorial style?  Wondering about switching from a tent to a hybrid room?  Perhaps you just want to tweak your online courses?

GRADUATE SCHOOL ADVISING: Facilitated by Don Asher

This event is for faculty advising students who are considering graduate or professional school.

WATER COOLER for Faculty Teaching (fully or partially) Online

How is it going building community online?  Keeping students engaged while remote?  Enjoy your lunch break with colleagues who are also teaching online to share experiences and ideas. 

Brightspace Grading and Tests Workshop

Come join our faculty support staff for two Brightspace grading and test workshops next Thursday and Friday (Sept. 24-25).

Water Cooler Discussions for Faculty Teaching

Join us Thursday, September 17, for in-person or line options to discuss faculty teaching.


Ashley Liston-Avnaim, the Director of Counseling and Psychological Services, will share her perspective on some of the mental health challenges Sewanee students are facing.

FACULTY PANEL: New Tools & Tips to Share

Looking for a few good ideas for your classes? 

BYOC&C (Bring Your Own Chair & Chat)

Take a mid-day break and join us for some F2F time with colleagues!

Solidarity Session over Lunch

Join us for lunch time with colleagues!  Grab your virtual picnic blanket, and Zoom on over to join one of the very well-distanced small groups to enjoy conversation over lunch.

Practicing Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in Higher Education

Practiced under many different names, culturally relevant pedagogy is an approach to teaching that purposefully challenges androcentric, Eurocentric, and heterocentric knowledge.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair & Chat)

Join us for some F2F time with colleagues!

Brightspace Deep Dive Workshops

The University's faculty support staff offers longer, tool specific workshops on our new LMS D2L/Brightspace beginning July 16. 

Changing the Game: Radical Course Design and the Grading Question

In this two-week mini-course facilitated by Dr. Stephanie Batkie, we will revise assignments to create transparency around grading and experiment with a number of alternative grading schemas, while also gaining experience with BrightSpace.

Move My Blackboard Course Into Brightspace!

As we prepare to make the transition from Blackboard into Brightspace, the University IT staff needs to hear from you!

Workshop: Getting Started with Brightspace

Welcome to our new Learning Management System, Brightspace! In this session the faculty support staff will cover the basics of using the new system.

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way: Rethinking Grading and Assessment in Hybrid Course Design

This is a two-week, online mini-course that will discuss how to approach grading and assessment in the hybrid or remote classroom.

Course (Re)Design Experience: July 6 - July 10

This year our Course (Re)Design Experience will occur over a period of a week, and we will focus on helping you develop your courses through the framework of “backward design" while keeping in mind the logistics of inclusive instruction in remote settings.

Workshop: Creating Videos with Panopto

Faculty Technology Coordinator Adam Hawkins will be covering setting up Panopto (downloading the software and logging in) and the basics of making videos (including editing and adding captions).  In addition he will demonstrate how to import Zoom recordings.

Opportunities Through the CFT

The CfT panels and the sessions led by external consultants have highlighted a number of areas where we have ideas to share and we have questions to ask.

Workshop: Using Virtual Whiteboards with Emily Puckette and Cynthia Gray

We will demo some options available (using Zoom's built-in whiteboard and a tablet/app combo) and provide step-by-step instructions for using a tablet and the app Notability as a virtual whiteboard.

“Bridging the Distance” webinars offered by the Appalachian College Association

Sewanee is a member of the ACA which is offering these webinars on a range of topics such as student engagement and motivation online. You can see the list of options here.

Webinar “Better Students Engagement during Covid-19”

This webinar is offered by the Chronicle of Higher Education, and the leaders are highly recommended by Betsy Sandlin.

Workshop on Teaching Writing: Online Possibilities

This workshop is intended to offer participants some practical ideas for how to work with writing instruction in an online or hybrid environment.

Office Hours with Prof. Jennifer Thompson

This is an opportunity to follow up on Prof Thompson’s presentation (May 13) when she discussed “Is there a right way to teach online?”

Panel & Discussion on the Remote Experience, Round II

With Al Bardi, Stephanie Batkie, John Marshall, and Jason Rosenberg.

Facilitating Meaningful Online Interactions

Fisher and Anna will provide an opportunity for faculty to reflect on teaching remotely and to develop strategies for maintaining connections with colleagues and with students.

A Framework for a Community of Learners in Online Environments

With her background that combines a small liberal arts college setting and the scholarship of teaching and learning, Dr. Chick will share her experience in remote teaching.

Panel & Discussion on the Remote Experience

What techniques, tools, or practices did you adopt that you would use again?

Is There a Right Way to Teach Online? with Prof. Jennifer Thompson

Join us for a workshop about teaching online.

Stories from Remote Land

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…  Tell us your stories! We are hosting a virtual “teach & tell.” 

Join the CFT Advisory Board

The Center for Teaching is looking for one new member for the Advisory Board to serve a five-year term beginning this fall.

The Politics of Teaching English Grammar

The teaching of ’Standard English’ has long been a method of establishing and consolidating cultural power in and out of the classroom.

Teach & Tell: Making Connections Outside the Classroom

At this Teach & Tell, Kate Cammack will share her experiences incorporating a service-learning experience into her laboratory course (PSYC350 Drugs & Behavior).

Conversation with Civic Engagement Faculty Fellows

Mark Hopwood and Eric Keen will share their experiences teaching new civic engagement classes.

Teach & Tell: Susanna Weygandt

She will share her approaches to designing student assignments, which are inspired by her previous work on a Digital Humanities (DH) project designed for using historical Soviet literature in the classroom.

A Panel on "Small Teaching"

This panel of participants in the FLC will discuss what they learned and their experience in putting these ideas into practice.

Celebrating Faculty Publications

The Friends of the Library invite you to attend a faculty panel where recently published Professors will share experiences about their research and projects.

Finding YOUR Place -Teaching in FYP

We hope to demystify teaching in the program and to discuss time requirements, course ideas, and any other questions you might have about how you can join us.

A Celebration of Teaching!

The Center for Teaching is excited to announce its second annual Celebration of Teaching Week!

CARE Team Panel - Tuesday, January 28

When you register a concern about a student via the online Student of Concern report or email them to a Dean directly, what happens next?

The CraFT Newsletter - November 2019

Check out our latest issue The CraFT! The Center for Teaching's newsletter on practices, pedagogues, research...and more.

Conversation with the Coaches

What can coaches learn from faculty? And what can faculty learn from coaches?

Developing Competencies and Skills in the Classroom and Beyond

The Office of Integrated Advising and the Career Center invite you to a conversation about competencies and skills our students develop through our curriculum and co-curricular experiences.

Mentored Creative/Scholarly Activity with Students in the Arts and Humanities

The Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarship and the CfT offer an event intended to encourage, guide, and inspire arts and humanities faculty to involve students in the creation of original scholarship beyond what is already happening in the classroom.