Mini Grants

Mini-grants should be used for an activity directly related to a class you are teaching. Examples of what the mini-grants can support include the following: (1) honoraria for guest presenters, (2) food and travel expenses for off-campus class visits (e.g., travel to an exhibit, performance, or site), and (3) classroom materials that may not be covered by regular departmental funds. All University faculty are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to those who have not received past mini-grant support. Repeat requests for previously funded activities are unlikely to be supported. The deadline for applications is rolling. Only one application per faculty member per semester. The request can be up to $500. You can fill out the form here, or use the embedded version below. For additional questions, please contact one of the CFT co-directors.

Teaching Enrichment Grants

The Center for Teaching's mandate is to encourage and promote teaching excellence among our faculty. To that end, the Center for Teaching provides competitive grants to faculty members for innovative pedagogical projects. We favor projects that promise a long-term impact on teaching and learning.

Department and Program Enhancement Grants

The Center for Teaching is pleased to announce a grant program specifically designed to support departments and programs working collaboratively to undertake significant curricular revision or other work that would benefit from time and space above and beyond regular department/program meetings.

Back to School Grants

Our Back to School Grants program gives faculty an opportunity to return to the classroom. In this program, faculty can request support to audit a colleague’s course. The goals are to increase awareness of the learner’s experience, to enhance reflection on teaching through engagement in a colleague’s classroom, and to develop new skills and interests that could complement one’s professional development. The Center for Teaching will provide up to $100 per semester for faculty to purchase materials needed to take a colleague’s course. The application should be submitted by the first Monday of the semester.

Learning Community Grants

A learning community is a group of faculty and staff who meet regularly to develop and share knowledge and expertise around a particular pedagogical topic. The group might do readings, practice new techniques, engage in research, or share experience and skills.