The Allied Academic programs, generally speaking, are those centers, offices, and programs that clearly support the academic mission of the College but are not attached to a specific academic department or discipline; they instead reach across a wide range of disciplines.

Babson Center for Global Commerce: Myles Elledge

At Sewanee, we believe that the best preparation for a career in business is a broad-based liberal arts education. Many of today’s leaders in commerce attribute their success to the critical thinking skills, writing and speaking skills, and study of the human experience that are the core of the liberal arts tradition. An important part of human experience is the world of business and commerce: At the Babson Center for Global Commerce, the University and the business world come together to assist students in preparing for successful careers as business leaders.

The Center for Community-Engaged Learning: James F. Peterman

The Community Engaged Learning program connects the classroom to local, national, and international communities and rests on a commitment to the involvement of faculty, students, and community partners in service projects, community-based dialogue, problem-solving, and personal reflection informed by academic study. Pursued in this way, community engagement encourages self-knowledge, a deepened understanding of place, and intellectual development. Courses with the CE (Community Engagement) designation can be found online through the registrar’s schedule of classes, and further information is available from the CE Director, Professor of Philosophy James Peterman. Service-learning opportunities are also available through study abroad.

The Center for Speaking and Listening: Sean Patrick O'Rourke & Melody Lehn, Co-Directors

The Center for Speaking and Listening provides the space, equipment, and materials needed for faculty and students to watch, read, investigate, design, develop, and practice delivering effective, ethical speeches. The Center also provides computer equipment, audiovisual equipment, public spaces for meetings and working groups, and small, private spaces for practice and feedback. In conjunction with the Writing Center and the Center for Teaching, the Center for Speaking and Listening encourages easy access, sharing of ideas and "best strategies," and sharing of resources where possible.

The Center for Teaching: Mark Hopwood & Emily Puckette

The Center for Teaching provides time and space for collegial conversations and critical reflections about pedagogy, opportunities for faculty development, and access to resources on effective teaching and learning for faculty at all levels and career stages. The Center offers programs on teaching practices, opportunities to form mentor relationships, competitive grants for innovative teaching, and support for pedagogical collaboration among the various members of the community.

The Collaborative for Southern Appalachian Studies: Karen Yu and John Willis

The Collaborative for Southern Appalachian Studies supports the development of academic courses and research projects on the region, and the application of these endeavors to community benefit. Priority is given to interdisciplinary collaboration among faculty, staff, and students within the University of the South, with Yale University colleagues, and with community members and organizations in southern Appalachia.

Finding Your Place: Rob Bachman

Finding Your Place invites new students to come to campus in mid-August for a close and intentional introduction to Sewanee. Faculty members provide these students with a profound and intimate knowledge of this place in “Discovering a Sense of Place – Upon and Beyond the Domain,” an interdisciplinary course that allows new students to explore their place at Sewanee by closely engaging with its biology and geology, its community and history, through field trips, service, readings, writing, and small-group discussions.

Library and Information Technology Services

The mission of Library and Information Technology Services (LITS) is to provide information and technology support appropriate to all members of the academic community and constituencies of the University of the South. LITS supports the educational priorities of the University by providing instruction, materials, staff expertise, and equipment to sustain and stimulate learning, teaching, research, and University administrative functions.

The Office of Global Citizenship: Andrea del Balso

In keeping with the liberal arts tradition, Sewanee has long recognized that “study away” experiences (domestic or international) offer truly remarkable learning opportunities for our students. The Office of Global Citizenship helps connect student to these programs across the globe. The Office also supports international students attending Sewanee and can assist faculty in many ways—with directing a study abroad trip, with being an international scholar, or (for international faculty coming to Sewanee) with making a successful transition to the University.

The Office of Medical and Health Programs: Alyssa Summers

The goal of the Office of Medical and Health Programs is to create an environment of support and opportunity for our pre-health students. It is challenging to navigate the dense course work and extracurricular requirements of pre-health. The Sewanee Pre-Health Program offers students one-on-one advising and provides access to great internships, which give students direct patient contact and state of the art research experiences. In addition to serving the needs of pre-health admission requirements, this Program aims to provide a rich liberal arts perspective for pre-health education.

Pre-professional Law Program: Andrea Hatcher

While there is not a defined “pre-law” curriculum, Sewanee students who seek to enter law school greatly benefit from our rigorous liberal arts curriculum taught by faculty members committed to the life of the mind and to mentoring as well as challenging their students. The pre-professional law program enhances this preparation through focused advising and sponsored events such as the annual Appellate Moot Court Collegiate Challenge.

The Writing Center: Stephanie Batkie

The Writing Center, located in du Pont Library, provides objective peer support to Sewanee students who seek assistance with their writing projects in any and all courses. The student tutors represent a wide range of majors, and they can help their peers at any stage in the writing process, including topic development, rough drafts, final drafts, and revisions. Some tutors are selected as Writing Fellows and work directly with faculty to offer writing assistance to students in a specific class.