SWIMMING   -   CAVING   -   HIKING   -   CLIMBING   -   ROPES COURSE   -   OUTREACH   -   CANOEING   -   CAMPING   -   Bonfires   -   Exploring your new home!    

PRE-Orientation offers incoming first year students the opportunity to get to know Sewanee in a unique and exciting atmosphere. While familiarizing themselves with the 13,000-acre Domain, students meet other first-year students and upperclassmen in an environment that creates trust and establishes new friendships.


Whether rock climbing for the first time, crawling through winding passages in Walker Springs Cave, or building a house with Sewanee Outreach, PRE-Orientation provides memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

During PRE, 210 students will have the opportunity to experience outdoor trips that are available on and near campus. In addition to two campouts, students will participate in three of the following six activities: rock climbing, caving, hiking, ropes course, canoeing, and outreach. PRE concludes with Contra Night, which includes a live band, wacky dress, and a fun hootenanny with new friends. 


PRE registration is closed for the 2020 year.


PRE bonfire

When is PRE?

August 18-20, 2021 |  Please see below for more detailed arrival information.

Who participates?

PRE-Orientation aims to welcome 210 incoming first-year and transfer students.

How much does PRE cost?

$260. | Students can pay when they register online in April. (See below for info on financial aid).

How do I register?

Registration will open in April through the Applicant Status page after a student pays his or her enrollment deposit. Shortly after registration, students will be prompted to complete the PRE Arrival Form. There are 210 spots available in this program. Spots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis once the registration form opens in April!


Students need to arrive in Sewanee on Wednesday, August 18th between 12 p.m. noon and 3:00 p.m. Students that are flying in should arrive at the Nashville Airport (BNA) between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. Groome Transportation provides shuttle service from the Nashville Airport. Please select Monteagle as your drop-off location. The University will shuttle you from Monteagle to campus. It's best for students to arrive on their own via plane or car on August 18th and have their family arrive on campus at their residence hall on the morning of Saturday, August 21st, for the start of formal orientation.

Packing for PRE

We highly recommend students bring only what is needed for PRE (see Gear List). Participating in PRE allows you to move directly into your permanent Residence Hall on August 18th. You will be able to return to your room each day to change and shower. Anything not found on our Gear List can arrive after PRE. If you need to bring all of your belongings on Wednesday, you can store them in your permanent Residence Hall room and unpack at the end of PRE. Alternatively, parcel post is available to Sewanee Post Office (SPO).

Parents & Families

Those accompanying participants will not be able to see them until PRE is over. For this reason, we encourage families to arrive on Thursday, August 19th, in order to help their student completely move into their Residence Hall and attend orientation.

Sports Conflicts

If you are involved in varsity sports, please check with your coach to be sure your pre-season training schedule allows you to attend PRE. Football, field hockey, soccer, and volleyball currently conflict with PRE. Note: FYP and PRE occur at the same time, so students may only choose to do one.

Financial Aid

Students will be able to apply for financial aid when PRE registration opens in April. Be sure to upload a letter on the registration page stating both the reason you're requesting aid and the amount of assistance necessary for you to attend PRE.

See you in August!