There's nothing quite like a round of frisbee golf between classes on a crisp fall afternoon!



The Sewanee International Frisbee golf course is located in Manigault Park, in the heart of central campus. Unlike traditional Frisbee golf courses, Sewanee utilizes its natural surroundings to create a one-of-a-kind "Frolfing" experience. In place of metal baskets, trees serve as the course's 18 "holes," which are marked by small brass signs at eye-level. Frisbee golfers will find that 175-gram discs work best. Grab a friend and check it out! 



Remember that Frisbees are always available to borrow from the SOP office! Stop over during normal business hours to pick one up.



Click here ‌to download the Frisbee golf course map as a printable PDF! 


Toss one, huck one!