Past Conferences


Conference Theme: History and Personhood

Plenary Speakers: Marian Turner (U of Oxford); Kristina Richardson (U of Virginia)

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Conference Theme: Lines, Flows, and Forms

Plenary Speakers: Andrew Cole (Princeton U); Sara Ritchey (U of Tennessee, Knoxville); seminar led by Ingrid Nelson (Amherst College)

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Conference Theme: Contact | Touch

Plenary Speakers: Dr. Hussein Fancy (Yale University); Elina Gertsman (Case Western Reserve); special reading by Jos Charles (UC Irvine)

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Conference Theme: Privilege and Position

Plenary Speakers: William Chester Jordan (Princeton University); Seeta Chaganti (UC Davis); seminar led by Julie Orlemanski (U Chicago)

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Postponed for 2021


Conference Theme: Lives and Afterlives

Plenary speakers: Cynthia Hahn (Graduate Center, CUNY); Marjorie Curry Woods (UT Austin); seminar led by Alison Frazier (UT Austin)

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Conference Theme: Law and (Dis)Order

Plenary Speakers: Sabine Schmidtke (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University); Sarah Kay (NYU); seminar led by Geraldine Heng (UT Austin) and Cord Whitaker (Wellesley College)

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Conference Theme: Borders and Margins

Plenary Speakers: Marina Rustow (Princeton University); Elaine Treharne (Stanford University)

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Conference Theme: Medieval Natures

Plenary Speakers: Caroline Walker Bynum (Columbia University); Carolyn Dinshaw (NYU); seminar led by Kellie Robertson (U of Maryland)

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