Sewanee’s Neuroscience curriculum is designed to cultivate core competencies in neuroscience.

Students explore core subdisciplines in neuroscience and engage in hands-on laboratory courses that allow them to develop and conduct inquiry-driven research projects in neuroscience. Flexible, interdisciplinary electives enable students to expand their appreciation of neuroscience while pursuing their interests and goals.

Programs of Study

Requirements for the Major & Minor in Neuroscience
Requirements for the Major & Minor in BiologyWebsite
Requirements for the Major & Minor in Psychology | Website

A Sampling of Courses

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Inquiry-based laboratory courses

Spend a Semester at Yale

A diverse and developing collection of innovative collaborations between Sewanee and Yale School of Medicine combining the unique strengths these two institutions offer tremendous possibilities for students, faculty, and community partners both on the Mountain and in New Haven. Our cross-institutional collaborations range from courses to research projects to community engagement efforts. The partnership between these two institutions continues to grow and evolve and the opportunities are many.

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