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Life Sciences Research Fellowship

Students seeking opportunities to conduct independent research, under the guidance of a faculty member, may apply to become Research Fellow in the Life Sciences, Sewanee's most prestigious pathway to earning honors in biology.

Spend a Semester at Yale

A diverse and developing collection of innovative collaborations between Sewanee and Yale School of Medicine combining the unique strengths these two institutions offer tremendous possibilities for students, faculty, and community partners both on the Mountain and in New Haven. Our cross-institutional collaborations range from courses to research projects to community engagement efforts. The partnership between these two institutions continues to grow and evolve and the opportunities are many.

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Georgia Undergraduate Research in Psychology Conference (GURP)

The GURP conference offers a great outlet for newly engaged social scientists in the southeastern United States to present their research in a professional setting and provides students an opportunity to develop professional skills, learn about research at regional colleges and universities, and connect with students and faculty who share an interest in research.

Daniela Dueñas-Pincay, C'23 University of the South wins the 2nd Best Poster Award at the 19th annual GURP Conference.

Sewanee had two research students win awards this year at the 19th annual GURP! Daniela Dueñas-Pincay, C'23 (above) won the 2nd Best Poster Award at the conference and Abood Najjar, C'25 (below) won the 3rd Best Poster Award.

Abood Najjar, C'25 University of the South wins the 3rd Best Poster Award at the 19th annual GURP Conference.

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