The Domain is home to more than 65 miles of hiking trails and fire lanes open to daytime hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian use for permitted riders. The Perimeter Trail is a 20-mile loop with varying difficulty, that circles much of the Domain and provides a hiking experience unparalleled anywhere else in the region.

All trails are accessible by foot or bicycle from central campus.  If you are driving from further afield, trail parking is available at Lake Cheston, The Memorial Cross, Green's View, the University Gates, The Caldwell Rim trailhead, and in the Sewanee Village.

Hiking the Domain

Explore the Domain and download trail maps.  Find the best places to hike and trailhead locations here.

Horseback Riding on the Domain

Information on horseback riding on the Domain can be found here.

Maps of the Domain

For trail maps, camping maps, a compartment map and more.