The Domain is home to more than 65 miles of hiking trails and fire lanes. All trail and firelanes are open to mountain bikes except: The portion of the Perimeter Trail that passes through Shakerag Hollow, Proctor's Hall Trail, Dick's Cove Trail, Potter's Ridge Trail and Bridal Veil Falls Trail.

The trails vary greatly in difficulty. While two miles are paved as part of the historic Mountain Goat Trail, other sections are more difficult. In general, the fire lane network provides a great mountain biking opportunity for most users. Hiking trails open to mountain bikes and labeled as moderate for hikers should only be biked by experienced mountain bikers. Trails marked as difficult for hiking are generally not open to mountain bikers and should not be ridden. All bikers on all trails should wear a helmet. To reduce impact to the trails, riders should refrain from use when wet.

Students can enjoy access to mountain biking trails by riding from campus and visitors can park at any of the recreational portals located at Green’s View, The Memorial Cross, the University Gates, Lake Cheston, Sewanee Village, and Potter's Ridge/Caldwell Rim trailhead. An online map of all mountain bike trails can be found here

The 20 miles of Perimeter Trail are continually maintained for recreational and educational uses by the Tate Roberts Memorial Fund. To support the Perimeter Trail and recreation on the Domain by donating to the Tate Roberts Memorial Fund, please visit University Relations and designate your support of the Perimeter Trail.