All lakes and ponds are open to fishing and swimming except the farm pond. Access to farm pond for any purpose must be coordinated with the Director of the Equestrian center.

Non-motorized boats are allowed in all lakes. Vehicular access for non-motorized boats is available at Lake Cheston and Lake Dimmick only. For Lake Cheston Access, turn right off of Cosby Lane at the sign marked service vehicles and boat unloading. Vehicles may not be left at boat launch and must be parked in main lot after boat is unloaded.

Lake Dimmick access for boat launch is limited to individuals with electronic gate access. For more information on who may receive gate access, please visit the Gate Requests and Recreational Access Page. Once inside the gate,  follow signs for boat launch right off of the main entrance road.  Students interested in boat launch on Lake Dimmick must request access and register their boat with OESS here

Photo credit:  Dr. John Willis