Gate access on the Domain falls into two broad categories: Recreational access to electronic gates and reservations, and a key request for access behind any of the keyed gates.

 All students, employees, and retirees may access to Breakfield Road without prior request using their Sewanee ID cards. Access is granted by holding card in front of keypad between 6 AM and 8 PM seven days a week.  If your card will not operate electronic locks, you may request a replacement here.

Alumni and leaseholders may receive access to the Breakfield gate by applying for a recreational access card below. A recreational access card is also required for all alumni and leaseholders wishing to camp overnight on the Domain.  After applying for the card and paying the processing fee, you will receive an email when your card is available for pickup at the library circulation desk.  You may also request in the application that your card be mailed to you.

The Lake Dimmick gate operates identically to the Breakfield gate for all employees, retirees, alumni, and leaseholders. Use of gate for any other type of access is prohibited. Students may gain access to the Dimmick gate for boat launch with approved boat registration. The Lake Dimmick gate is intended for boat launch only.

Access may be requested to any of the keyed gates for research or educational activities. Faculty may request keys to specific gates by filling out the gate key request form. 

All card requests will require your Banner ID.  If you do not know your Banner ID, you may request it from one of the following departments: 

  • Alumni Relations: (931) 598-1633
  • Human Resources: (931) 598-1381
  • Lease Office: (931) 598-1626

All gate access is governed by the Lake Dimmick Access and Road Use Policy and the Breakfield Road Access and Road Use Policy.   

Access Requests