Below you will find various resources to help you navigate life on the Mountain.

The CARE Team

In an effort to promote an inclusive learning environment, the CARE team will evaluate and respond as appropriate to reported student concerns by connecting and referring students to appropriate resources both on and off campus. CARE stands for Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation team. The CARE Team cannot fix a student's problems, cannot save a student from failing and does not write excuse notes for a student's absence or behavior.  This team is here to be the bridge between the student and resources that could make all the difference in their success. Submit a CARE report here.

Sewanee Cares

Different types of learners might need different types of learning environments or support to manage the rigors and expectations of the classroom. Sewanee offers a range of academic resources that can help in many ways. Empirically, we know our strongest academic performers have routinely used the many available resources: asking for help is the norm at Sewanee.

College & University Offices

Links to offices that support the College of Arts & Sciences, including Dean of the College, Dean of Students, University Wellness Center, and others.

View Your Statement

Sewanee's Student Account Center is an online portal where you and your student can view statements, make payments electronically and enroll in optional monthly payment plans.

Commencement Central

We look forward to Commencement each year at Sewanee. Keep up with all commencement information below.

Career Center

Career Center staff members coach students and alumni as they explore and pursue career possibilities. We assist in this process by helping students connect their strengths, interests, and skills with careers that fit them best. We prepare our students for lives of leadership and service both within and beyond the gates of Sewanee.

Study Abroad

Sewanee is dedicated to promoting activities that link our students with the rest of the world. As part of that effort, the Office of Global Citizenship strives to provide students with a set of skills that they can use to address global problems, both at home and abroad.

University Wellness Center

The University Wellness Center is a campus resource that offers integrated and holistic health care, comprehensive wellness outreach, and peer health education for students. We are composed of Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Accessibility Services, University Health Service, and Wellness Outreach.

University Registrar

The Office of the University Registrar supports teaching and learning at the University of the South by maintaining the integrity of academic policies, academic and student information systems, and educational records.