For Students Currently Enrolled at the University the South:
  1. Regular Returning Students should confer with their faculty advisors and then sign up for summer courses on Banner just as you do for regular courses in the spring and fall. Look closely at our offerings and pay attention to General Education attributes and prerequisites.
For Students Not Currently Seeking a Degree from the University of the South: 
  1. Incoming first-year Sewanee students or students who are seeking admission to a future incoming class should contact the Dean of Admission about enrolling in Summer School. Incoming students will be required to attend an extra-curricular program of sessions designed to familiarize you with resources on campus and help you succeed in your academic work.
  2. Undergraduates currently enrolled at other institutions should determine from their own institutions the policies governing the transfer of credits earned at the University of the South before filling out the special application for students who are not currently enrolled.
  3. Recent high school graduates who are not incoming first-year students at Sewanee or other applicants not seeking a college degree should contact the Associate Dean of the College for Undergraduate Academic Affairs before filling out the special application for students not currently enrolled.
  4. Auditors must register (cost: $500 for each course audited) by completing and returning the course-audit form, available in the Registrar's office. There is no course credit associated with auditing a class.

Tuition & Fees Information (Academic Credit) Summer 2020

Tuition: $1,170 per semester hour of credit

Full payment for summer school tuition is due by June 1, 2020. Students will receive a statement through Sewanee Afford. Any student registering for summer school after June 1 must pay the amount in full through Sewanee Afford before attending classes. Wednesday, June 10 (by 4:30 PM), is the absolute last day to register for classes.

All students eligible for Tuition Remission according to the University’s criteria must obtain authorization from the Human Resources Office prior to registration.