Belonging is connection. It’s mattering. It’s thriving. At Sewanee, we’ve created an environment to foster this sense of belonging. We also know that there is no finality to belonging—it’s continual and evolving. That’s why we’ve built a community full of diverse people whose goal is to walk alongside you no matter what.

Chandler & Eunice

"Belonging stops when we fail to see the beauty of differences."

Abbie Warr

"I've formed some amazing friendships."

Alpo Sipila

"I knew it would feel like home."

Alaa Adel Abdelhamid

"Everybody here made me feel at home."

Julia Stubblebine

"Everyone is watching out for you."

Dr. Nicole Noffsinger-Frazier

"Belonging means mattering."

Kevin Antonio Smallwood

"There’s healing work being done here, and I feel at home because of it."

Kasey Taylor

"Sewanee has helped me find myself in a way I never thought possible."

Delores Reese

"Being together is so important."

Hunter Swenson

"There's a connection—a thread of commonality."

Jack Nance

"Community, to me, means fellowship."

Chief Marie Ferguson

"We're in this together."

Ezechias Nshimiyimana

"Just show up where people are."

Danny Anderson

"If I can see just one student smile, that makes my day."

Glenda Nhutwa

"They actually get me here. And I like that."

Kayla Deep

"The Sewanee experience is about being genuine."

Garrett Lucey

"Everybody loves each other and wants to support one another."

Loring McDonald

"It's like a community hub here."

John Benson

"We all enjoy activities solo, but it’s so rewarding to do them with others."

Caroline Thompson

"I have my Mountain family."