Chandler & Eunice

Bairnwick Women's Center


"The Wick" has been a prominent resource for years. A lot of people thought you needed a feminist membership card or to be part of a certain class to be invited here. We are trying to change that now. We want to expand our reach and formulate our programming so that it reaches multiple pockets of campus—making sure we are collaborating with others. We want to bring in different voices to enrich the things that we’re doing. —Chandler Davenport

When you think about belonging, there’s always another part to it—knowing your place. The notion of finding your place can have many connotations. At first, I associated it with class or hierarchy—sometimes a space where mobility is difficult. This can mask the a true sense of belonging. So if I could describe it, I’d say that belonging occurs when difference is embraced—there’s authenticity rather than assimilation. We have a Sewanee culture, but there is difference within it. Belonging stops when we fail to see the beauty of these differences. —Eunice Muchemi