Ezechias Nshimiyimana

International Student and Arcadian


I spent a lot of time before Sewanee training myself to be alone and do work and be OK with it. But when I came here, it was actually different. It wasn’t that difficult. One of my first experiences was going to the Fowler Center and seeing some guys playing basketball. I didn’t know them, but I asked if I could join. They said, “Sure, why not.” Then later when I saw them in the dining hall, they said hello. Just show up to where people are. No one has ever said “go away.” Sewanee is just an inviting and welcoming environment. Even passing people on the road, they say “Hi, how are you?” and they’re always interested in me.

Now I am a tour guide. I get to meet new people and learn even more about Sewanee. I get to communicate my own experience to people on the tours, and to do that well, you have to have good experiences. I have.