Garrett Lucey

Interfraternity Council President

There’s a sense of belonging within the Greek-life community here. It doesn’t just root itself in one organization or chapter. At Sewanee, we don’t rush until the second semester of our freshman year. I was lonely at first—I had even started filling out some transfer applications. Then I decided to rush at the last minute. If I didn’t rush, I don’t think I’d be here today. It has allowed me to make friends in my fraternity and beyond. That’s why Sewanee is so special—because we interact together. At a lot of other schools, it’s absurd to think about walking over to another fraternity and hanging out. But here, we do that all the time. Everybody loves each other and wants to support one another. In terms of my role as IFC president, that’s what I want to see and protect. I want people to feel empowered by the whole Greek community because we have the power to change things if we work together.