We want everyone to feel at home here. And we mean everyone. From faculty and courses to organizations and resources, we are here to give you the most inclusive experience possible.

Diversity in curriculum

We are committed to offering courses that will expose our students to a variety of subjects, eras, cultures, and belief systems. If you are up for a challenge–and we expect you are–here is a small sampling of classes you might consider taking while here.

Diversity in Organizations

We believe there's beauty in diversity, and at Sewanee, we strive to make our campus meaningfully intercultural. No matter your niche, we are sure to offer an organization where you'll feel right at home. Check out a few of these wonderful organizations—maybe they're your new family.

Diversity in Admission

In the Admissions office, we understand that we are on the front lines of your Sewanee experience. We want you to feel at home here. That's why we've created an environment of inclusion and camaraderie. We are committed to your academic and personal success.

Diversity in Faculty

Just as Sewanee prepares its students for real-world experience in the workplace, we must also prepare them for immersion into workplaces filled with cultural and ideological differences. Our faculty is a reflection of that.

Diversity in Faith Communities

Faith and community are vibrant aspects of life on the Domain. We invite you to bring your own faith and ask questions—but we won't pressure you to do either. There is a richness in diversity, and we acknowledge that belief by offering a variety of faith-based service opportunities—no matter where you may be on your faith journey.