Husnain Ahmad

"Sewanee has always been open to accommodating my faith. They’re very cognizant of the fact that they are an Episcopalian University, and that’s a strength."

Betsy Sandlin

"Education isn’t complete until we have diverse perspectives and points of view to wrestle with and challenge us. Without that challenge, I don't believe we can learn to our full potential."

Tao Song

"Whenever you have a professional work environment coming from different walks of life, it creates a synergy—a creative energy that more homogenized backgrounds don’t have."

Mila Dragojevic

"Diverse faculty serve as role models. We are the non-standard. We have certain empathy and understanding for different students and their different experiences."

Emmanuel Asiedu-Acquah

"I think Sewanee is going through a period of engagement with the larger world. There's an office dedicated to studying abroad, and I want students to see this as a major advantage of choosing this University."

Clint Smith

"I tell my advisees who sometimes feel out of place or out of sync that it's natural to suffer from imposter syndrome sometimes. I’m a first generation college student & several of my advisees are as well. I remember getting lost in the college process at first, and I'm really glad I can be open with students about that now."