Our holistic approach to education reaches farther than intellectual development. We believe faith should be interdisciplinary too. Though established as an Episcopal University, Sewanee welcomes all faiths and embraces a broad environment of spiritual practices.

All Saints' Chapel

All Saints' is a loving community built on gratitude, wellness, and hope in communion with God. This Episcopal chapel also serves as our formal gathering space for Convocations, Commencement and other celebrations. Being centrally located is not coincidental; it's an expression of Sewanee's identity as an Episcopal university.

Catholic Community

The Sewanee Catholic Community provides for the discussion of faith and related issues, provides community service, and offers Roman Catholic Mass and other services for the purpose of worship. There are currently no Roman Catholic Mass services in Sewanee, but there is a weekly van service providing transportation to Good Shepherd Church in Decherd, Tennessee.

CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ)

Active on Sewanee's campus since 2009, CRU is a interdenominational Christian organization on campus. Through Bible studies, social events, discipleship, small groups and services, CRU bridges together a community of students who are passionate about knowing Jesus. Student led and organized, CRU is a comfortable space where students can learn from each other and the Bible in order to strengthen their faith.

Interfaith House

In the Interfaith House students of diverse religious, spiritual, and secular backgrounds gather together to build community surrounding the topics of faith and inclusion. In addition to providing a safe and supportive space for students from other religious traditions, the Interfaith House hopes to provide the greater campus community with a better understanding of different faiths through community events, open discussions, and religious celebrations.

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association's purpose is to increase awareness about Islam in the community, hold seminars, and lectures about Islam and have session prayers, including Juamu (Friday prayer).

Sewanee Jewish Association

Having a community is a vital aspect of Jewish culture. Our Sewanee Jewish Association fosters and supports Jewish life on campus by conducting cultural activities in keeping with Jewish tradition. We serve as a voice that reflects the larger Jewish community—promoting tradition, culture, positive relationships, healthy dialogue, and an opportunity to explore faith.