Your generation is perhaps the most globally conscious yet. You understand what it means to open-minded and interconnected. College is diverse hub—a place central to growth. At Sewanee, we want to make sure you have a platform you need to flourish.

here are just a few of the organizations we have on campus 

Asian Organization (AASEAN)

AASEAN celebrates the multifaceted traditions and values of Asian culture. Through community activities and deep conversations, we aim to promote diversity on campus and empower students with a space to voice their opinions & find camaraderie. We host multicultural events, collaborate with others, challenge stereotypes, and lift the barriers of prejudice.

Bairnwick Women's Center

The Bairnwick Women’s Center is a student-led movement that seeks to educate and to empower the Sewanee community by promoting social justice, equality, and voice. We serve the campus as an alternative to the traditionally male model of leadership, thought, and participation.


BlacQueen is a sub-committee under the Black Student Union that offers support for Black women on campus. We work to showcase that black women come in different shades, sizes, and from different backgrounds. We hope to change the campus view, interaction, and perception of Black women through events and programming.

Cross-Cultural Understanding

The Organization for Cross-Cultural Understanding promotes awareness of and appreciation for different cultures present on Sewanee’s campus. Founded by international students, OCCU serves as a home base for our global citizens, engaging with the wider community through many events, including potlucks, panel discussions, and fashions shows.

Gender & Sexual Diversity Alliance

A student-led organization which aims to deconstruct misconceptions about the LGBTQ+ community. We believe that a well-informed campus has the capacity to create positive change. GSD empowers students and faculty by facilitating educational forums and social events while serving the campus community & spearheading a counter-culture that prioritizes inclusivity.

The Green House

The Greenhouse is a space on campus for students to experiment with methods of environmentally sound living and to explore ecological questions in an open community. We work to find the intersection between ecological issues and other global social injustices, and expect residents within our community to engage with other social justice efforts.

HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Latino Awareness)

The Hispanic Organization for Latino Awareness (HOLA) was formed to celebrate the heritage of the Hispanic culture. By organizing different activities, the University community is exposed to events that enrich the intellectual and social arena of the student body. In addition, the organization's goal is to start a dialogue that discusses the different life experiences that positively and negatively affect the Latinx community in the United States.

Multicultural Health Society

Working closely with Sewanee's Health Profession Society, we aim to reduce health disparities through workplace diversity. As an organization, the mission of the Sewanee Multicultural Health Society (SMHS) is to bring together a group of students who are passionate about uplifting multiculturalism and serving in rural Appalachia.

Sewanee Jewish Association

Having a community is a vital aspect of Jewish culture. Our Sewanee Jewish Association fosters and supports Jewish life on campus by conducting cultural activities in keeping with Jewish tradition. We serve as a voice that reflects the larger Jewish community—promoting tradition, culture, positive relationships, healthy dialogue, and an opportunity to explore faith.