The Domain is home to more than 60 miles of hiking trails. The signature Perimeter Trail, is a 20-mile loop that circles much of the Domain and provides a hiking experience unparalleled anywhere else in the region. With 13,000 acres, there are plenty to choose from—these are our favorites.

1) The Cross/The Tennessee Williams trail (1.25-mile loop)

It starts with the stunning view from the Memorial Cross, then offers an easy and relaxing hike, with a trail that narrows through a split in a huge sandstone block, and an easy stream crossing.

2) Morgan’s steep to the cross (1 mile, one way)

Probably the most popular hike at Sewanee, and probably because of the gorgeous overlooks, waterfalls, sandstone overhangs, and the stone tunnel. It also features two of the best views on the Domain: Morgan’s Steep and University View (plus a bonus third view if you’ve got the nerve to climb on top of Proctor’s Hall).

3) Bridal veil falls (2 miles, round trip)

Alternates between steep slopes and flat benches leading off the plateau to a spectacular waterfall.

4) Elliott point/parallel trail loop

A beautiful bluff path with a final stretch through the woods. Cross the creek and see an old sandstone quarry.

5) western section of the perimeter trail (7.5-mile loop)

You’ll find a little bit of everything: from the beginning, you’ll see lots of views, a rock climbing area, and a picnic spot. Then the trail drops below the bluff, where you’ll see big sandstone blocks and summer foliage. Back up on the plateau, there’s King’s Farm on a quiet and pretty clearing, then the trail leads to Audubon Lake.

6) forestry cabin/dotson point loop (4.5-mile loop)

A great route for mountain biking, with a short detour that gets you to the Forestry Cabin for a good view of the valley. Dotson Point offers a nice view, but it’s not for acrophobes.

7) thumping dick cove (2 miles, round trip)

It begins on an old road that drops into the cove and leads to a small, kid-friendly cave. The more popular but more difficult Solomon’s Temple Cave is farther down the bend.

8) caldwell rim trail (2.4-mile loop)

Follows a bluff above the northernmost section of Lost Cove, with beautiful views of the cove below. It starts as a single track then connects back to a fire lane, where you and your hiking partner can walk side by side for the remainder of the loop.

9) shakerag hollow/beckwith’s point loop (3.5-mile loop)

One of the oldest trails on the Domain, it descends through a virtually undisturbed cove of hardwood forest that provides the best display of spring wildflowers in the area.

10) piney point (2 miles, round trip)

Relatively flat terrain through dense forest and thick tunnels of mountain laurel. If you time it right in the summer, you can eat wild blueberries off the bushes along the way.

Bonus! The whole thing (20-mile loop)

The Perimeter Trail loops around almost the entire Domain, and everyone at Sewanee should hike the whole thing at least once. Just hop on at any point, and when you get to that point again, you will have seen it all.