Robert E. Bachman

F. B. Williams Professor of Chemistry, Director of the First-Year Program

Spencer Hall 263 / ext. 1336

Kristen K. Cecala

Associate Professor of Biology, Co-Director Island Ecology Program

Spencer Hall 152 / ext. 3153 (Sabbatical)

Sara McIntyre

New to Sewanee and the position of Sustainability Coordinator in 2020, Sara has spent the past 15 years as a middle school Science teacher, sustainable farmer, and executive director of a Chattanooga nonprofit farm. Her B.A. in Biology from Carleton College and graduate work in Environmental Education at the Teton Science School in Kelly, WY have informed her passion for and career in teaching and engaging people in the natural world. She would love to meet you for a walk, hike, paddle, bike ride, cup of tea, ice cream cone, or chat about anything!

Find her: Phone: 931-598-1559, Office: Cleveland Annex 005

James R. Peters

Professor of Philosophy, Coordinator of Environmental Arts and Humanities

Carnegie 201A / ext. 1581

Elizabeth 'Lily' Thompson

Assistant Professor of Geology
Snowden 214 / ext. 3321

Research interests: I study what happens to minerals at the extreme pressures and temperatures found inside of planets and planetary bodies using a combination of experiments and calculations.

Andrew R. H. Thompson, Ph.D.

Assistant professor of theological ethics and director of the Center for Religion and Environment at Sewanee.

Kirk S. Zigler

Professor of Biology

Spencer Hall 152 / ext. 3153



John Gatta


Gailor Hall 102A / ext. 1913

Karen Kuers

Professor of Forestry

Snowden 207 / ext. 1421

D. Bran Potter

Professor of Geology, Emeritus

Snowden 201 / ext. 1479

Stephen Allen Shaver

Professor of Geology - Emeritus