Follow the steps below and soon you'll find yourself on one of the most transformative experiences of your college career!

1. Explore study away opportunities and personal learning objectives
Attend an information session.

Information sessions are held at the beginning of each semester and are required for all students wanting to study abroad. Current students receive email notifications about specific dates and times.

Create an account on Via.

All approved study abroad programs are listed in Via. Sewanee students use their banner ID to login to the platform. Once logged in, they create their Via profile and can then review programs and complete all their study abroad paperwork.

Complete the Application for Study Abroad.

The Application for Study Abroad is found in Via and declares your intent to study abroad. 


The Learning Objectives Form is found in Via, and it is an important document that helps students think through their individual goals and objectives for studying abroad. After the form is completed, students can then start meeting with their advisors. 

2. Meet with your Advisors
Arrange a meeting with your major advisor.

Students must meet with their major advisor(s) before applying for study away, even if they plan to take elective or minor credit while away. Your advisor will review and approve your learning objectives in this meeting. If a student has two majors, they should meet with both advisors. 

Arrange a meeting with your study abroad advisor.

There are three study abroad advisors in the Office of Global Citizenship, and they advise according to a student's anticipated program of study while abroad. More details here. It is the student's responsibility to contact their study abroad advisor and arrange a meeting. Alongside your study abroad advisor, you will choose three-to-five programs that best fit your learning objectives. 

3. Choose your program and complete the paperwork
apply to your study abroad program(S).

Students are now ready to apply to their program! Deadlines range, so students should stay informed of the deadlines for various programs. Students typically only need to apply to one study abroad program, unless their study abroad advisor recommends applying to more than one. 


Global Citizenship and Study Abroad (GLBL 101) is a one credit course that prepares students for study abroad. The course meets during the last seven weeks of each fall and spring semester. 

Apply for scholarships. (Optional)

Many study abroad providers and governmental/educational organizations offer study abroad scholarships. Opportunities are also listed on our website. Scholarship deadlines range, so students should be proactive with the application process.

Complete required paperwork.

Students studying abroad in Europe will have to complete an additional form known as GDPR. You will be contacted directly regarding the completion process.

Attend the study away pre-departure orientation 

Before going abroad, students are required to attend a pre-departure orientation. Orientations are held during early December (for spring study abroad students) and late April (for summer/fall study abroad students).