Students from all majors can participate in a range of study away (or study abroad) opportunities, including summer programs, semester programs, and specialized programs—those offering research, service learning, or internships.

Through participating in one of our approved study away or study abroad programs, students:
Learn to communicate across cultures
increase cultural awareness and sensitivity
Apply scientific and social scientific methodologies in various contexts
Express global issues through narrative and creative forms
Create solutions to global problems in local contexts
Understand historical patterns of globalization including cultural, economic and political forms of integration

semester STUDY AWAY

Under the Sewanee Pledge, Sewanee students are able to study away for one semester and can apply their institutional aid (scholarship, grants, loans) to their study abroad program. This essentially means that students can study abroad in another country while still paying the same cost of a semester at Sewanee.* Sewanee offers 100+ semester-long programs in 65 countries, so whatever their interest or major, students can find their right fit. Semester study away programs can be divided into the following types of programs:

Sewanee faculty-led programs

Led by Sewanee faculty, these group-centered programs are primarily comprised of Sewanee students, though there may be Rhodes and Centre students who also attend. Group-centered programs provide Sewanee students with opportunities to learn together in a global environment and foster deep bonds with their fellow classmates and with their professors. Examples include Sewanee-in-France and Sewanee-in-Spain. Explore our faculty-led programs page for more information. 


Investigative study away programs combine independent learning and practical experience. These programs run through third-party providers (e.g. SIT, IFSA, Arcadia), and they are composed of university students from all over the United States. Investigative programs include the following components:

  • An independent project, usually research or internship
  • A language course
  • A field methods course
  • Region-specific content courses, such as history, politics, anthropology, sociology, or psychology. 

Examples of investigative programs include Interdisciplinary Sri Lanka Program and People, Environment, and Climate Change in Patagonia and Antarctica

Service Learning

Many programs today are centered around service learning, with course work informing the service and vice versa. Service-learning programs are fully immersive experiences, allowing students to create significant relationships with locals and contribute to social justice on a global scale. These programs run through third-party providers (e.g. SIT, IFSA, and Spanish Studies Abroad), and they are composed of university students from all over the United States.  All programs offer language study, academic courses, and a service-learning project. Example programs include ISA Environmental Studies, Health Care, Liberal Arts & Spanish Language in Costa Rica or CIEE Open Campus Block Cape Town.

Direct Enrollment

Sewanee offers direct enrollment program options with the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, Regent's University in London, Richmond American University London, Griffith University in Australia, University of Canterbury in New Zealand, and Kansai Gaidai in Japan.

Additional direct enrollment optiona are available through third party providers (e.g. IFSA, IES, CIEE, SSA), and they allow students to take courses directly at international universities alongside other U.S. students, other international students, and/or local students. Direct enrollment options offer a range of courses in all different disciplines, and many of them also offer research, service learning, and/or internship opportunities. Examples include Central European Studies in Prague 


Summer study away and study abroad programs range in length, from two weeks to two months. Numerous opportunities exist for summer study in every academic major and discipline. Students can choose to study alongside fellow Sewanee students and professors on a summer faculty-led program, such as the Island Ecology Program on St. Catherine's Island or Summer in Spain, where students hike a portion of the Camino de Santiago. Alternately, students can choose to study on a third party program. Examples include STEM Research in Aberdeen, Scotland, Global Internship in Singapore, and Rome Fashion Studies.

Note that students directly pay for summer study away opportunities. Students who are Pell-Eligible may be able to secure additional Pell money for summer study away if they take a minimum of 9 credits. Please inquire with our office for additional information.

Specialized Study Away

In addition to simply studying coursework abroad, students have the opportunity to engage in international research, gain work experience through an internship, and deepen their understanding of social justice through service-learning opportunities. Visit our International Opportunities page to learn more. 

*Certain regulations apply. Download our FAQs on the Sewanee Pledge for more information.