Health Insurance

Eligible retirees may continue to participate in the University's health plan until age 65, selecting among the same options for themselves and/or their families, paying the full cost (University and employee premiums). Only those retirees (and dependents) who are enrolled in the health plan on the date of retirement may continue in the plan. Retirees who drop the University's plan may not re-enroll. 

Education Benefits

Retirees and their eligible spouses and dependent children are eligible for educational benefits on the same basis as current employees. 

Life Insurance

Retirees are eligible for $5,000 of group term life insurance with premiums paid by the University. 

Lease Fee Discount

Retirees continue to receive the same discount on lease fees that they had while employed. When the retiree dies, their widow/widower continues to receive the discount as long as they do not remarry. 

Access to Facilities and Public Events

Retirees continue to access facilities such as duPont Library, the Fowler Center, the golf course, and tennis courts, and to attend public events such as athletic and concert services, under the same terms and fees as employees. 

Parking Permits

Retirees continue to receive the same parking permit privileges as employees.