We value personal and professional development through collaboration and self-reflection. 

Faculty Advancement and Development

Tenure-track faculty are reviewed in the second, fourth, and sixth years, providing ample opportunities for feedback leading up to summative evaluation toward promotion and tenure.


The Office of the Dean of the College organizes new faculty orientation, monthly new faculty development sessions, opportunities for mentorship, and generous funds for travel to conferences as well as opportunities to apply for research grants during the academic year and in the summer. Grant opportunities to support scholarly and creative work are available through both internal competitions and through the Office of Sponsored Research


Staff Advancement and Development

Staff positions are reviewed throughout the year to allow opportunities for recognition and advancement. Our compensation framework provides pathways for reclassifications and promotions. 

Our collaborative review process has the primary goal of focusing on the ongoing development of the staff member and for the supervisor to plan an active role in the journey. They are conducted twice a year to provide opportunities to reflect on individual goals and objectives.