Employee Training

Faculty and staff with routine relationships and access to students are required to report any concerns or direct information related to an allegation of sex discrimination. Faculty and staff are instructed annually of their requirement to report incidents and provided instructions on how and whom to report. New faculty and staff receive training as part of new employee or new faculty orientation, respectively. 

helpful Information on student trainings

Select student leadership groups (i.e. Athletes, Proctors, FYP Mentors, Orientation Leaders, STIX, The WICK Women's Center, Freshmen) receive required Title IX training. All other students are given the opportunity to participate in regular Title IX training sessions throughout the year. 

Required Employee Title IX Training

Department chairs and/or staff leadership with oversight of a department/area should contact Dr. Sylvia Gray directly to schedule their group for a department training. Click the link below to see the list of pre-scheduled trainings that are available to faculty/staff who cannot attend with their department. Additional dates will be added as needed.

Types of Employee Trainings

The Title IX Office offers a variety of employee trainings. At this time, all non-required trainings are on hold due to COVID-19. However, please complete your required Title IX training by Spring 2021 (preferably February 24, 2021 for all current employees). 

All Training Materials

Looking for prior or recent Title IX Training Materials? Click below. Can't find what you are looking for? Contact Dr. Sylvia Gray directly at smgray@sewanee.edu

Help A Student Get Training

Click below for more information on student Title IX trainings. Freshmen trainings are offered online via the Dean of Students Office and must be completed prior to arriving at Sewanee. All other student Title IX trainings are offered by the Title IX office or by certified student facilitation trainers throughout the year. Student facilitation trainers are certified by the Title IX Coordinator to administer peer-to-peer trainings to Sewanee students.