Individuals who are working with/for Sewanee but are not affiliated with Sewanee or are temporarily affiliated must still be trained. Those individuals should select the "Participant Training Site below.  If you have difficulty logging in, please contact the Vector Admin, Dr. Sylvia Gray for assistance at 

Employees and Students can find their respective training links below. Please use your Sewanee credentials to login to the correct VECTOR SOLUTIONS training site (employees should use the employee link and undergrad and grad students/student workers should use the student link). All parties will receive an automated email that details their specific training requirements.  All required training must be completed within 60 days of notice. You will know your training is complete when you are directed to view/access your training certificate. The system will also send regular reminders for you to complete the training. This standard is the same for students (grad/undergrad) and employees (all fac/staff). Feel free to utilize the additional library of resources within the training site. 

If you experience any difficulties logging into the sites below, please attempt to troubleshoot by going to [THIS LINK] first.

Otherwise, you can email Dr. Sylvia Gray at

(NOTE: The participant site is for individuals who work with/for Sewanee who do not have a Sewanee email address and/or Banner ID. Use the prefix to the email that you provided your leadership and click "Log In." You should be able to create a password from there.

Troubleshooting: If you have an issue with the participant site, return to the site and try selecting "forgot password" as a second attempt. You should to get an email to the address you provided your leadership. The email should have a temporary password to login.

For all other troubleshooting [CLICK HERE

Can't find a Training?

Please contact Dr. Sylvia Gray at

Agencies allow attendees to post the training materials contained in the approved link as required by OCR in §106.45(b)(10)(i)(D) of the Title IX Regulations. The University of the South posts training materials on its website only if it has been used to train the institution's Title IX personnel and only to the extent necessary to comply with Title IX. Any other use or effort to republish, reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, display, disclose, or distribute this material shall constitute infringement of the copyrighted materials.


  • If you'd like additional training that is typically face-to-face, please consider utilizing the links below: