[CLICK HERE] for Troubleshooting Steps for any challenges you may experience.              Please note that the system tracks if a user completes the training too slow or too quick.              If this is detected, it may start you over. 

All students receive training from the same training platform - VECTOR SOLUTIONS. Students follow the same process as employees, but their access link is different. Students, like employees, are required to complete their required trainings within 60 days of their notice of training. Students must also sign in with their Sewanee credentials. 

  • If you are a student who is having difficulty finding their log in link, please utilize this link [CLICK HERE]. This link is only for currently enrolled students. If you still have difficulty, please email Dr. Sylvia Gray at 

As a reminder, a select number of student leadership groups (i.e. Athletes, Proctors, FYP Mentors, Orientation Leaders, PRE Mentors, SOP Ambassadors, STIX, The WICK Women's Center, Incoming Freshmen, All Active Greek Life Members, New Students Interested in Greek Rush, Transfer Students, and International Students) receive additional required Title IX training. All other students are given the opportunity to participate in regular Title IX training, education, and program experiences throughout the year. 

If your student group desires to be trained by the Title IX office, then here are the pathways that are best for you:

  • Use the training interest form [HEREor see the next section below.
  • Consider joining the SAVE Team for opportunities to interact with the Title IX and EEO Offices when education and program experiences are active. (Scroll down to learn more)
  • Consider scheduling a peer-to-peer training with a member of Student Title IX Committee. (Scroll down to see this year's list of members that you can contact).
  • Consider becoming STIX Certified.  (Scroll down to see more on the STIX Certification process)


To schedule a student training, please [CLICK HERE] or contact the current chair of STIX (see roster below) or make an appointment for when you would like to have a training with the Title IX Coordinator by clicking [here].

become a member of the save team
(Sewanee's Association of Volunteers for Equity)
  • SAVE is a  Volunteer Team [CLICK HERE] to apply to join the SAVE TEAM.
    • Applications for those who want to participate in SAVE for the Easter semester should be completed by the first Friday after MLK Day of each year. For those who want to participate in the Advent semester, please submit your application by the first Friday in September of each year. 
  • Want to learn more about SAVE? [CLICK HERE]
  • SAVE Team Interest meetings for 2023 are typically every other Wednesday, at noon (or as needed) in the EQB Building (behind Wellness and across from McClurg). Bring Your Lunch! New and Returning Members are invited to attend! 

Become a member of s.t.i.x.

Please review the "STIX Charter and Purpose" below for more information. Any interested undergraduate student who wishes to obtain membership in STIX must be selected by a/the constituency group that holds one of the 13 seats on STIX. The Chair of STIX is appointed by the Student Government Association. The Vice Chair and Secretary are appointed by the Chair. If you wish to be a member at large, please contact the Chair and current STIX Advisor to share your interest of becoming a member at large. 

HISTORY OF S.T.I.X & The meaning of the S.T.i.X Logo

Click HERE for the History of STIX.  The meaning of the STIX logo emerged from the education and training received by the first three classes of STIX members:

  1. The scale at the top represents balance and justice for the student body in cases of sex discrimination.
  2. The condom on the right represents the overarching goal of STIX, which is for students to elevate their knowledge in sex education.
  3. The heart represents the duty of STIX to educate the student body on healthy relationships. 
  4. The gender symbols on the left represents the intent of STIX to not only educate, but to represent all Sewanee students, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity.  STIX LOGO


Student Title IX Advisory Committee (STIX)

Please contact a member of the STIX Advisory Committee for Peer to Peer education and training on Title IX.  You may also contact the Chair of STIX if you are interested in becoming a member of the advisory committee (see STIX membership list). Check out the STIX Instagram Page at "Sewanee_STIX" or contact Dr. Gray directly for additional information. 

Student Organization Training