The University of the South utilizes a variety of technology platforms to engage with your classes virtually. Please browse the instructions below for basic access information on our supported platforms.

If you have questions or issues, reach out to our IT helpdesk:
phone: 931-598-1369

Get Connected

Step by step instructions on connecting to the campus network from your devices.


Getting started with your University Zoom account.

Find My Zoom Class

A quick guide on finding Zoom classes scheduled by your Professors.

Zoom Best Practices

A page on Zoom tips and best practices for making the most of your University virtual meetings.


Getting started with the University's Learning Management System.

Apps Anywhere

Instructions for using theĀ Apps Anywhere platform to utilize University-licensed software online.


Information and recommendations for keeping you devices secure.

Lost/Replacement ID Card

In order to obtain a new or replacement Student ID card, use the form here to provide necessary information and upload your photo. You will be contacted with your ID is ready. You can also visit the Telecommunications office between the hours of 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm.