Hoping to continue the conversations you began at SUMMA? Looking for a community of curious and thoughtful peers with whom to build life-long friendships and collaborations? Thinking of undergraduate study in rhetoric, argument, and debate? Join us at Sewanee!

"The friendships I have made at SUMMA have become some of my strongest bonds. SUMMA taught me not only how to make a strong argument for any side of a debate, but also how to organize my thoughts. SUMMA made me a more capable and confident speaker and sharpened my ability to think critically, which has been invaluable to me. I greatly cherish my time at SUMMA and the people I've gotten to know through the program." 
– Bryce Timms, SUMMA Alum and Sewanee Class of '26 in Philosophy and Rhetoric


Minor in Rhetoric

At Sewanee, the study of rhetoric is excellent preparation not only for civic life but also for vocational callings in ministry, teaching, law, activism, advocacy, conflict resolution, diplomacy, and politics, as well as careers in communication, commerce, and the arts. Come study with award-winning teachers, work with and in our state-of-the-art Center for Speaking & Listening, and pursue undergraduate research through independent studies, conference presentations, and publications in undergraduate journals.

Center for Speaking & Listening

Sewanee's Center for Speaking & Listening offers assistance to members of our campus community who seek help as they investigate, develop, refine, and practice oral presentations--speeches, addresses, arguments, dialogues, and debates--as they seek to understand, through listening, those spoken discourses. Our staff of trained peer tutors are excited to work with you!



Stay involved with debate at Sewanee! Join the Sewanee Debate Union, a student-run Oxford-style debate club that provides students, faculty, and members of the Sewanee community a forum for investigating, researching, and debating public controversies. Or participate in our DebateWatch events, co-sponsored with the Office of Civic Engagement, SewaneeVotes!, and other campus groups.

Festival of Speaking & Listening

Held each Spring semester, the annual Festival of Speaking & Listening features students from across the campus community participating in four contests: Speaking Science to the Public, Public Speaking in a Non-English Second Language I: Beginning Speakers, Public Speaking in a Non-English Second Language II: Advanced Speakers, and the Public Speaking Contest, which features champions selected by their peers in sections of RHET 101: Public Speaking. First, second, and third place medals are awarded.

SUMMA Chapter at Sewanee

Join your fellow SUMMA alumni at the University of the South in the Sewanee Chapter of the SUMMA Theological Society. Collaborate with the SUMMA Leadership Team to advise on camp each summer, plan and host theological debates at the University during the academic year, and engage in outreach activities to promote SUMMA"s mission of "speaking the truth in love"!