July 16-24, 2024

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“Wanted: bright and curious young minds.” That ad launched SUMMA’s first camp in 2012.

In the years since, bright, curious, and fun-loving high school students have been coming to SUMMA from coast to coast and around the globe to sharpen their theological debate skills.

Theology is often defined as “faith seeking understanding.” The word is from the Greek: theos, for God; and logos, for careful thinking. In SUMMA we practice faithful, careful thinking, to better understand ourselves, the world, and God.

Why debate? In part, because SUMMA debates are fun! They also foster clearer thinking, opening pathways deeper into faith, hope, and love.

For many students, SUMMA has brought unexpected gifts: a deepening of their faith as they broadened their understanding of, and engagement with the world, including the study of science, philosophy, literature, politics, and history.

This all happens at The University of the South, known as Sewanee: a storied university, on an idyllic campus, in a natural setting famous for its beauty.

At SUMMA, professors of theology, philosophy, and literature, along with priests and bishops, lead seminar discussions. Through theological debate, you’ll learn to speak the truth in love. In between lectures and discussions, you’ll enjoy fun activities like hiking, sports, music, and arts and crafts.

Spend eight days with us at SUMMA at The University of the South, and it will whet your appetite—and build your readiness—for college.

When camp is over, you leave for home enriched with great memories, new skills, fresh insights, and many new, true friends.

Come join us at SUMMA!

The Rev. Christoph Keller, III, Th.D.
Founder and Principal Lecturer (2012-2023)
SUMMA Student Theological Debate Society

“I want young people to know in their bones that Christian faith is part of a great moral, intellectual and spiritual tradition in which questions are raised and opposing viewpoints can be voiced and heard in a spirit of love and reason.”

– The Rev. Chris Keller


What is SUMMA?

Rev. Chris Keller explains how SUMMA deepens students’ understanding of the Christian faith.

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