Conducting independent research can seem daunting, but there are a few basic techniques and resources that will help you to get your project started.

Guide to Writing Research Papers in Philosophy

This basic departmental guide to writing research papers divides the process up into more manageable stages, with advice and resources for each stage.

Du Pont Library Research Resources

The library has a large selection of research resources that their staff will be very happy to help you explore. You can find links to many of these resources, including full-text databases and encyclopedias, at the library's regularly updated Philosophy Research Guide.

General Online Resources

Other resources that you might find helpful include:

PhilPapers - A huge and well-maintained open-access database of published and unpublished work in philosophy.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - One of the best starting points for research projects, with excellent articles on a wide range of topics. Use the carefully selected bibliographies on each topic to find references for further reading and secondary literature.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy - Similar to the Stanford Encyclopedia - check both to get a more comprehensive guide to a topic area.