The philosophy department offers lots of resources for you to get the most out of your classes, make connections with other philosophers at Sewanee, and broaden your horizons beyond the domain. Click the links for online resources below, and if there's anything you need that isn't covered here, feel free to ask us - we're here to help!


Writing good philosophy papers isn't easy, but with practice you'll be able to produce work you're proud of. Download our writing guidelines and find other writing resources here.

There is also the Sewanee Writing Center as a resource. Click here to visit the Writing Center.


Some of our higher-level classes give you the opportunity to produce your own independent research. Download our research guidelines and find links to many of the databases and other online research aids offered through the du Pont library here.


The Sewanee philosophy department is a vibrant community with regular departmental events, an informal "philosophy table" in McClurg dining hall, and a student-run philosophy club. Find out how to get involved here.


Did you know that philosophy majors earn more by mid-career than almost any other humanities major, or that they consistently end up at the top of the table for law school, business school, and graduate school entrance exams? Get the facts on the bright career prospects for philosophy majors here.

Everything Else

The internet is full of philosophy-related blogs, merchandise, webcomics (yes, really), and more. Find some links to get you started here.