Presented here is the new home page of the Board of Trustees. We have included the most frequently requested information, the official documents, and many items of interest to Trustees. Among these you will find rosters of Trustees and Regents and copies of the University's Constitution.

As we build this webpage, we will be adding additional documents including the Summaries of Official Actions for recent years along with selected general University documents and a small collection of historical documents related to the Board of Trustees. We will also be publishing here the schedules, attachments, reports, and other information for the Annual Meetings each October.

We welcome your comments and suggestions about how to expand the site or to improve its value to you as a Trustee of the University. Later on we will be adding a secure documents management program that will allow committee members to use a password access to work on committee materials online. That feature, however, will be deployed in conjunction with a broader software package for the University and we must wait until the whole package is developed.

Providing Trustee information in an online, digital format sets an important example by the Board of Trustees. Current students are particularly concerned that the University find ways to reduce its impact on limited natural resources and to develop “green” ways of conducting our business. Several University classes have been paperless for more than a decade, the faculties have voted to conduct their business by email and attachments rather than by paper, and the creation of this website is an important step for the Board of Trustees. The full range of costs associated with distributing paper materials to a board of our size, combined with labor and postage costs on an annual basis amount nearly to the equivalent of a scholarship for a Sewanee student. When the environmental impact is considered, our shift to digital and online materials will set a good example for our students and for the University as a whole. While a few things will continue to be mailed and a few things printed for the Annual Meeting, it is our hope—particularly in these difficult economic times—that we will greatly reduce our printing and mailing costs, and that we will soon realize the environmental ideal of being a “paperless Board of Trustees.”

Gerald L. Smith, Secretary