Residential Division: The Queer & Ally House

The Gender and Sexual Diversity Alliance is a multifaceted campus organization. Its governing branch is the organization’s residential component, The Queer & Ally House, which is committed specifically to promoting education and awareness of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as creating a visible network of support on campus for LGBTQ+ identifiers. Our residential portion hosts our lecture series, The Rainbow Perspective, as well as co-hosts with Spectrum an educational-awareness series entitled Breaking the Silence. Additionally, the House’s residents facilitate a number of programs throughout the academic year which vary in topic and nature, yet remain committed to furthering the underlying goal of the designated annual campaign. In addition to the residential portion of the organization, there exists Spectrum, the activist branch of the organization.

Activism Division: Spectrum

Spectrum is the Gender and Sexual Diversity Alliance’s direct impact branch. Spectrum is dedicated to creating tangible changes, both locally and nationally. Committed to ensuring that inclusivity and the celebration of diversity do not stop simply with discussion, Spectrum’s ultimate goal is to secure these ideals through direct action. In addition, Spectrum hosts the GSD annual allyship training and co-hosts with the residential portion of our organization an educational-awareness series entitled Breaking the Silence.