What happens if I withdraw?

A student withdrawing from the University after registration and before the end of an enrollment period may, per federal regulations, have financial aid funds returned to the source from whence they came. The federal regulation governing the return of federal Title IV funds when a federal aid recipient withdraws or leaves school prior to the end of an enrollment period is 34 CFR 668.22; it specifies what amounts must be returned to aid programs and at which points in time in the enrollment period certain refund percentages apply.

Once the amount of funds (if any) to be returned to the various sources is established, funds will be returned to financial aid sources in the following federally-mandated order: To your Unsubsidized Direct Loan; Subsidized Direct Loan; Federal Perkins Loan; Direct PLUS Loan; Federal Pell Grant; Federal Supplemental Grant (SEOG); other Federal Title IV Grant Programs; and to other sources of aid. Any funds remaining after such required returns are made will be returned either to the student or to the non-federal fund from whence they came.

For tuition refund policies please view the Student Account Refund Policy.