As part of a well-rounded liberal arts education and specifically as noted in the University’s Strategic Plan:

“Intercultural engagement, both local and global, offers unmatched opportunities for students to develop humane sensibilities, and to appreciate the differences in the nation and the world. Through study, understanding, and action, students learn to interpret complex societies firsthand and to communicate with a variety of people, whether from other national cultures or other demographic groups. These skills form an important foundation for our students to apply the knowledge and concepts they learn through the disciplines, enabling them to lead the larger communities in which they find themselves. More broadly, students come to realize that the local and the global are, finally, connected.”

To this end we offer a wide array of opportunities and where possible provide funding to assist as many students as funding permits, who may choose to include external study as part of their curriculum.

Advent and Easter Programs

Beginning with students entering in August 2018 the Sewanee Pledge guarantees a semester long study abroad program at no additional tuition cost.

Summer Internships and Programs

The Sewanee Pledge also extends to internship and research opportunities. Funding is made available for at least one internship or research fellowship during your enrollment. Additional opportunities exist for both formal study and internships during the summer. Many departments and programs have funding beyond traditional financial aid available to assist students participating in these programs. You should refer to the individual departments for information on their specific funding availability. For credit bearing programs students may be eligible for federal student loans and Tennessee residents may have Hope Scholarship eligibility Please contact the Office of Financial Aid regarding federal student loans or Tennessee Hope Scholarship funding for summer, credit bearing programs. Coursework through summer external study, not accepted for credit at Sewanee, cannot be funded through federal or state aid.